The Best LED TV you can find in Malaysia

The Best LED TV you can find in Malaysia

Having the right TV is important, did you picked the right one?

As everything advances in this era of modernisation, our main source of entertainment which is the television is not left out of the revolutionary process. In fact, they are one of the technologies that are standing on the frontline of modern technologies. So here’s a list we have gathered for you to dive deep into the world on LED TVs to find the right pick which will satisfy your needs.

5. Mi TV 3S

RM 2,110.00


Best LED TV Above 40 Inch

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the brand “Xiaomi”? Cheap! Xiaomi is notorious for their unbelievably cheap yet high quality products. It’s a 48’’ Full HD Smart LED TV which is extremely slim with only 9.9 mm at it’s thinnest point. Mi TV 3S has an aluminium frame and metal backplate which gives a simple yet elegant look to it’s design. You also have the freedom to either hang it on the wall or place it on your furniture. To make things even convenient, it also has the ability to connect with both WiFi and smartphones. With this you can freely watch videos from your phone and the internet. In short, you can never go wrong with Xiaomi’s products. It’s practical, high quality and above all, CHEAP!