6 Best Mini Fridge to complete your Occasion

Getting a fridge in your room or outdoor? Check these out!

There are many plus points for owning mini fridges – they take up less space, they are more wallet friendly than their large counterparts, and many more. Perhaps you are a student looking to get a mini fridge of your own so that you don’t have to keep running to the cafeteria or vending machine for food. Or maybe you just want a second fridge because your main one is full. Whatever your reason, here are some of the best mini fridges that you should look at:

Hisense Mini Bar RR60D4AGN

RM 232.00


Best mini fridge for college or dorms

On a budget, this mini fridge is perfect for college students. Equipped with environment-friendly technology and low noise operation, this mini fridge is also easy to maintain and clean. Its no frost air cooling technology provides better freezing and eliminates the hassle of manual frost removal.


Elba EMB-A6046SV Mini Bar Fridge 60L

RM 450.00


Best kegerator or mini fridge for beer

Who doesn’t enjoy a can of cold beer or a glass of chilled wine? The Elba EMBA6046SV mini fridge has a 60L capacity and reversible door to allow you to store and stack a lot of beer cans. It also comes with a 5 level thermostat setting and convenient ice tray for your iced drinks.


Midea Mini Bar Refrigerator MS-50

RM 348.00


Best mini fridge for bedrooms

If you want a mini fridge in your bedroom but don’t like the loud noise it makes, then the Midea Mini Bar Refrigerator MS-50 is the one for you. Its low noise operation will ensure that you can have your favourite food and drinks nearby without disturbing sleep. This mini fridge also comes with a tempered glass fruit and vegetable crisper to protect them for high temperature and ensure that it is in good condition.


Morgan 50L Mini Bar MMB-NB61SL

RM 599.00


Best mini fridge for apartments

The Morgan 50L Mini Bar MMB-NB61SL is perfect for small apartments. Its adjustable thermostat and direct cooling helps to make your food and drinks stay fresh and last longer. Built in plastic shelves and racks helps to ensure hygiene in the mini fridge and eliminates harmful bacteria.


Haier Mini Bar 50L HR-60H

RM 379.00


Best mini fridge with freezer, ice maker and vegetable box

The Haier Mini Bar 50L has a manual ice maker and a freezer shelf, so you can enjoy your frozen treats or iced drinks all the time. It is direct cooling and comes with LED lighting as well.  Not only that, it also has a vegetable box to keep your vegetables fresh.

Mobicool Mobile Refrigerator TB15G

RM 598.00


Best portable mini fridge for outdoors

If you enjoy cool drinks on the go, the Mobicool Mobile Refrigerator TB15G is the right choice for you. Specially designed for car use, this portable mini fridge can be powered up with the car cigarette lighter inlet and it is easy to install and use. It can fit 700ml bottles in its lying position. This specific model even doubles as an armrest when placed in the rear seat compartments.


Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on.