Best Baby Diaper Bags for Young Dads and Mums

Be the coolest mum or dad with these bags!

Dear parents, this article is specially written for you and of course your child. A baby diaper bag is a must have for every parents. It helps them to prepare for every normal or emergency situation. Some important features of a good baby diaper bag are convenient, enough space and easy to carry. Let’s begin to explore more choices of baby diaper bag.

SOKANO 5 in 1 Mummy Essential Diaper Bag

RM 37.70


Best Designer Baby Diaper Bags

The best designer baby diaper bag award goes to SOKANO 5 in 1 Mummy Essential Diaper Bag. This diaper bag is a very considerate design for parents. It has many different size of pockets and is able to fit all the essentials based on their sizes.


Portable Baby Diaper Bag

RM 12.29


Best Baby Boy Diaper Bags

This is a diaper bag with simple but useful design with two colours to choose from, blue and pink. The wide and flat base makes it stable on the floor and the capacity is big enough for many stuff, plus, there are many pockets inside and outside of the bag, allowing daddy and mommy to put extra stuff. It is also suitable for baby girl.


Baby Diaper Travel Backpack

RM 102.20


Best Travel Baby Diaper Bags

Travel with baby isn’t an easy job. Parents will have to bring everything they need for the baby. Therefore, a good baby diaper bag for travel is crucial. Travel should be a relaxing thing, and so the travel baby diaper bag will need to be comfortable, light and easy to be carried around. The Children Baby Changing Diaper Nappy Mummy Travel Backpack is made of nylon and it is waterproof. Parents do not have to worry about the rainy weather. This backpack is also comfortable with the adjustable strap.


Baby Diaper Backpack

RM 71.90


Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

Baby A Diaper Backpack is a light and well organized diaper backpack with paddings that allow air to flow between the user and the bag. It is a very convenient and worthy backpack choice for parents.


Disney Minnie Mouse 5 in 1 Diaper Bag

RM 253.89


Baby Diaper Bag Disney

Kids are always attracted to adorable disney characters. This Disney Minnie Mouse 5 in 1 Diaper Bag is a disney diaper ag with cute Minnie Mouse printing on it and has many different other bags coming together in a set. It is for sure convenient and has enough capacity to fit quite many things inside.


Multi-functional Mummy Diaper Bag

RM 51.58

Best Baby Diaper Bag for Twins

Since twins refer to two babies, The need for baby's essentials is increased. A big capacity diaper bag is required. This diaper bag has big capacity with many different pockets and double zips effect for extra storage.


Mummy Handbag Diaper Bag

RM 13.69


Baby Diaper Bag for Hospital

The most suitable diaper bag to be used in the hospital will be this Mummy Handbag Multifunctional Flower Print Waterproof Separate Diaper Bags because it does not have zip, which makes it easy and quick for parents to take whatever they need. Also, it is separated, thus convenient and neat.


Signature Double Diaper Bag

RM 296.65


Best Diaper Bag for Baby and Toddler

Skip Hop Duo Signature Double Bag is the first choice for moms with more than one kid. The diaper bag has sufficient capacity that can satisfy every mom with two little ones. In addition, the considerate design has a handle and a long strap to offer two ways for parents to carry it easier while carrying the kids or holding their hands.


Superman Papa Diaper Bag

RM 158.00


Baby Diaper Bag for Dad

A diaper bag specially made for all the daddies. Simple Dimple Superman Papa Bag is a backpack diaper bag with a part of metallic surface. It has big capacity for storage and has a flat base to prevent it from falling. This bag has a superman symbol marked on the metallic surface thus seems better for men to carry as some men think pink and flowery diaper bag are not suitable for them. 

Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on.