Your guide to the Best Car Camera Recorder for your Car

Ever got into a car accident and had to go through long evaluation process based on witness testimony and police reports? Well, if you have yet to experience it good for you; please continue to drive safe and as for those who have experienced it, attaching a car camera to your vehicle can easily get you out of all those hassles since the facts will speak for themselves as everything has already been recorded. Knowing that they will have your back if needed you can continue to drive with an peaceful of mind.

Black Box G1W

RM 668.50


Best Camera Recorder

Black Box is one of the world’s best selling dash camera which also happens to be one of the affordable ones in market. It comes with a lot of practical features such as 4x digital zoom, motion detection, G-sensor and also a 14o degree A+ grade high resolution wide angle lens. Let’s not forget to mention it also has a 2.7’’ high resolution LCD which even allows you to watch the videos while it’s being recorded. It also supports HDMI which enables you to connect it directly to your television. You can never go wrong with Novatek as your choice price and performance wise.


Esky EC170-06

RM 187.00


Best Car Reverse Camera

Esky is tiny, cheap and one of the best seller reverse cameras out there. It’s a professional waterproof reverse camera which is also easy to install and operate. It comes with a 170° viewing angle which helps us to overcome blind spots and a lifetime customer service who are ready to respond within 24 hours. It also works well with or without sufficient light. The only downfall about Esky is that it needs an additional monitor. That’s something you will have to keep in mind before purchasing this camera.



RM 675.00


RVS-950C can be at the pricier section but it has it’s benefits. It has 1080p Full HD resolution with 120 degree recording arc which enables you not to miss anything while driving. RVS-950C also has a Normal Mode and also an Event Mode which has different functions. In Normal Mode, the camera will continuously as it overwrites older footages and as for the Event Mode, it is activated when there is an irregular movement such as collision. The recordings done during Event Move won't be overwritten and you will have complete access to hem even after the incident. Let’s not forget to mention that this camera also comes with complete accessories such as cables and a free 8GB SD Card. With RVS-950C watching your back, you will have nothing to worry!


Cobra CDR 835

RM 674.00


Best Front View Camera

Cobra CDR 835 can be a little bit more expensive since it comes along with a lot of cool perks. It has a Parking Mode with motion detection which ensures security while the car is parked. If there’s no motion for a period of time the camera will stop recording in order to conserve battery. As for its resolution, it has a stunning 1080p FHD video with an ultra wide 160° lens for the ultimate view. It has has a sliding mount which enables quick setup or teardown on any mounts that uses standard tripod mount screw. Cobra CDR 835 is one of the most user friendly you can find in market today.


Garmin NuviCam

RM 1,550.00


A glance at it’s price and you’ll know what you are getting yourself into. Garmin NuviCam is not only our typical car camera that only records videos; it also has the function to navigate! A camera that does both navigation and recording with driver awareness features? This is some next level stuff. To name a few of it’s amazingness; it can auto save your recordings on impact, has Forward Collision Warning feature and it comes with detailed maps of Singapore and Malaysia with free lifetime map updates. Garmin NuviCam is truly the ultimate camera when it for cars; but it comes with a hefty price. If you have the luxury to buy one of them it will definitely make your drive much smoother.

Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on.