Best Herschel Backpacks to Stay in Style

Stay in trend with these amazing Herschel Backpacks!

In the past, we used backpacks out of convenience because of their roomy interiors, but today, backpacks have taken a step into the fashion realm. While there may be a ton of well-known brands in the market, Herschel is undoubtedly one of the dominating brands out there.  Let's venture forth into the Herschel backpack world to find the right fit for your daily necessities. 

Heritage Backpack

Heritage Backpack
RM 451.86


Best Herschel Backpack for School

This backpack will be the ultimate choice for any students; especially for those who are still in primary or secondary school. It has a classic look and while it may look small at first glance, it can easily fit all your school necessities such as your textbooks and even your laptop with ease. The backpack is made from a durable material which is great for defending against the unpredictable weather of Malaysia. It may not be waterproof but we can assure you that this backpack is made of quality material.

Iona Multipurpose Backpack

RM 444.77


Best Herschel Backpack for Work

Millennials are not the only ones eligible to carry backpacks, it can also be a part of your wardrobe as a working professional! For us, the top pick for you in a working environment would be the Herschel Iona Multipurpose Backpack. As the name itself suggests, it is indeed a very practical backpack. It is designed to look like a travelling bag while retaining style at the same time. Not only does this bag exude a professional vibe, it also comes with a 15” laptop sleeve which is a big plus point. So, if you are working and need to transport your laptops to and from work, this Iona Multipurpose Backpack is the right one for you.


Coittle America Backpack

RM 691.80


Best Herschel Bag for College/University

Following the latest trends in fashion is something most college or university students strive for. And perhaps an apt term to use here would be to be a ‘hypebeast'. They want to look unique, stylish and want to be the centre of attention. Herschel may have something just for you! Introducing the Coittle America backpack – it comes with all the essential features such as wide storage space, fully padded laptop sleeve, magnetic closures, high-quality fabrics and to spice things up, it is designed with a camouflage print. This is a design that is definitely going to attract the attention of your peers.


Herschel Supply Co. Hanson

RM 473.85


Best Herschel Bag for Gym

Are you a gym enthusiast? Having trouble with bringing along your items to the gym? Fret no more as Herschel may just have the solution for you. We love the Herschel Supply Co. Hanson as a gym bag as it is made from special lightweight fabric for better comfort and convenience. This model also features D-ring adjustable straps which is a simple yet stylish design for using at the gym.


Post Rubber Backpack

RM 514.10


Best Herschel Backpack Color

What we have here is the Herschel Post Rubber Backpack. It comes with an eye-catching abstract design. Besides, don't let the number of components fool you. While it may only have one main component, its interior is systematically divided into smaller sections to let you organise your things easily. There is also a 13” laptop sleeve for those days where you need to be mobile. It comes with a magnetic strap closure to secure your items in place.


Novel Duffle Bag

RM 435.62


Best Herschel Bag for Travel

Love travelling? Want to stay stylish while being on the go? Fret not as Herschel has got you covered with their Novel Duffle Bag. It has a unique design and a large compartment to keep your items easily. Not only that, it also comes with a detachable shoulder strap which enables you to switch up how you would like to style it anytime you like. Now, say hello to worry-free travelling with the Novel Duffle Bag!


Women’s Market Tote

RM 439.00


Best Herschel Tote

Do you prefer a tote bag to a normal handbag? If your answer is yes, you should take a look at the Herschel Women's Market Tote. This is definitely a different style to the usual Herschel backpacks that we are accustomed to. First off, its summery peach colour gives off a warm and tropical vibe, perfect for our weather and climate. As it is not too big, you can easily carry it around everywhere without having to bear with sore shoulders at the end of the day. Besides that, there are several small pockets in both the interior and exterior of the bag, great for keeping your things organised.


Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. Some of the products might not be available too, do email us at [email protected] if that's the case! Thanks!