5 Best Steam Mops to make your Mopping Easy

Steam the dirts away!

Cleaning the house and doing chores can be tiring! That is why you need the best home appliances to reduce your burden. Let us introduce the best steam mops to lighten your chores. Say goodbye to squeezing water out of your mops and say hello to squeaky clean floors with less effort.

Shimono Vibration Steam Mop

RM 488.80


Best Steam Mop for Tile, Wood and Laminate Floors

This mop can be used to clean wooden floors, tiled floors, laminated floors and also carpets. The steaming duration lasts as long as 20 minutes and it only takes 45 seconds to heat up. It is convenient and safe as there is an auto shut-off feature.


S3008 Multifunctional Steam Cleaner

RM 334.40


Best Mop for Microfiber, Ceramic Floor & Bamboo Floor

This mop is best for microfiber. It is light and easy to use with the handle, allowing users to move it around freely. It operate for about 15 minutes. It is applicable to any type of floor, including the kitchen floor and ceramic floor, as well as the bamboo floor.


PREMIE Stainless Steel Cleaner Bucket

RM 75.00


Best Mop Bucket

The Premie Stainless Steel Cleaner Bucket is a well designed bucket with a 360 degree rotational mop head and rapid spin drying feature. Easy to handle and convenient to move around the house.


H2O 5in1 Multi-Floor Steam Mop+ Accessories



Best Multi-Function Steam Mop

This mop is a well-designed multi-function mop which enables users to apply on different surfaces such as glass, floor, floor mats and mirrors. It has a large water capacity, making cleaning easier by extending the duration. It also includes different accessories to clean areas like corner and gaps between furniture.


Salav STM501 Multifunctional Steam Mop



Best Bacteria Elimination Steam Mop

Sometimes, cleaning is just not enough. Bacteria is everywhere and precautions are necessary to protect our loved ones from getting ill. The Salav steam mop helps eliminate bacteria while doing the cleaning. It heats up to a high temperature within 45 seconds to kill bacteria effectively. It has safety protection with waterproof switch. The wire length is 5m long, allowing you to move around your house easily without having to change plug points all the time.

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