Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts to Send Parents-to-be Into a Crying-Hugging Frenzy

Essential items babies would need!

Babies are a blessing but they can also be hell troublesome. However, one look into your baby's eyes can make all your hard work worth it. Parents strive to provide all they can for their children. Nonetheless, with so many choices and products to choose from and constraints in time and money; baby shower gifts can really be the best things as raising children don't come cheap.

Here are our suggestions for the top 10 gifts to get for your pregnant friend, sibling, or even colleague.    


Babisil Baby Wipes & Munch Set Bib



This bib set comes with not just a durable, non-toxic jelly bib, but also includes a spoon and bowl anchor alongside 100 sheets of baby wipes. Easy to clean, flexible, and dishwasher/microwave safe, the bib, spoon, and bowl anchor are BPA, oestrogen, and phthalate free. Besides that, it is strong enough to accompany you and your child for a long time. These delicate, alcohol-free wipes are also fortified with xylitol and made from food-grade ingredients, reliably cleaning all of your baby’s messes. You can even use them on breasts and nipples!


MAM – Dipper Set (Cutlery)




This particular set is perfect for your baby’s first lesson in feeding themselves. The cleverly designed mouth guard in between each piece’s head and body stops your baby from shoving the utensil too far in their tiny mouths. This also doubles as a rest when set down by separating the utensil head from contact with surfaces, preventing contamination from germs. The ribbed grips and lush exterior are just perfect for your baby’s hands to hold. For babies aged 6 months and older, they come in three colours; green, pink, and blue. BPA-free, of course.


Baby Pacifier For Fruits And Soft Food




Ever get tired of sucking on the same thing every day? Well, so does your baby. This pacifier ingeniously pacifies the bored and hungry by allowing you to insert various edibles into the teat, through an opening at the base that opens and closes. You can have your precious one experience something different each day before they even start eating solid foods.  


5pc Pack Baby Boys Wiggle-in Butterfly Romper (Day Clothes)




Baby clothes are no joke when it comes to shopping for them. With so many to choose from, you could end up spending way over budget just buying all the cute outfits to change your baby into. When it comes to clothes, the more the merrier considering how often babies have to be changed and kept clean. In the pursuit for comfort, these baby rompers made from 100% cotton would be perfect for your baby to freely move about. The snap closures at the bottom make for easier, swifter diaper and clothing changes on a wriggling baby!


4 Pairs Baby Boys & Girls Anti-Slip Socks

RM25/4 pairs


This is the perfect gift for when babies start to utilise their muscles to stand and walk tiny steps. Wearing regular socks would be quite slippery for the newly upright tot, so these anti-slip socks with their grippy soles help prevent them from toppling to the floor. These cute designs with vibrant colours are stretchable and breathable to boot and would complement many adorable outfits. Made with a soft cotton blend for delicate and comfortable use.


Shark Bites Baby Sleeping Bag Comforter (Sleeping Bag/Comforter)




Nothing brings peace to your ears and mind like seeing your baby drift off to dreamland. For the ever-so-slightly morbid, why not put your baby to bed in Jaws? Offering ample and comforting space, let this character coerce you into the only time you will witness your baby napping in a shark. Gnash the idea of buying blankets and comforters for your baby; this fulfils both. With a zippable body made of 100% cotton (on the inside too! Cushiony, quilted, and irresistibly cosy), this portable pal lets your baby sleep soundly and securely throughout the night without the fear of them getting suffocated, tangled, or kicking off the blankets.


Moby Wrap Infant Baby Carrier Sling




Do you need to use your hands while keeping a good grip of your baby? Easy to learn and wear, the two of you can cling tightly together, hands-free, with this back to basics sling wrap. This high-quality durable fabric blend (93% Cotton, 7% Polyurethane) wraps generously around your back and shoulders for a firmer, more balanced support for both you and your baby. No worries for buckles or straps to hurt or irritate your baby – there are none. Highly adjustable and versatile, there is no one way to wear it so wrap as you please. It is unisex and comes in an understated design that truly embodies ‘one-size-fits-all’. Plus, you will get to feel closer to your baby than ever before.


Little Rabbit Baby Diaper Portable Changing Mat




Essential for when you are ready to bring your baby outdoors. Babies behave honestly and will not give you warnings for when they would like their diapers changed. So, having a portable changing mat can be life-changing! Attachable and placeable anywhere, there are three mesh pockets and plenty of zip-up compartments for you to store your essentials. Padded for your baby’s comfort while changing, the waterproof padding accommodates easy cleaning too. This must-have straps on securely to your stroller, and has a 100% nylon and vinyl exterior. Its lining is 100% PVC and the mesh pockets are 100% polyester.



CT Toys Jungle the Musical Play Gym




An excellent choice for the adventurous baby, this play gym will have them chilling out in comfortable positions while playing with the curiosities hanging above them. This particular toy boasts loud colours and wonderful stories behind the picture on its mat, and helps develop sensory skills through play and interaction. On top of everything else, this play gym responds to your baby’s touch and movements by carousing through a variety of exciting sounds and music — all volume adjustable.


4Moms Bounceroo (Cradle)




The cradle has always been a much-desired product for many parents to have, and this one moves on its own! You can customise between 3 different speeds and motions to suit your baby’s mood and preference. The Bounceroo is an excellent choice also for when your baby has yet to master their walking technique. Don't worry about the washable seat, just pop it into the washing machine and you're done. This impeccable product also comes equipped with a safety harness if your baby wants to lounge on the bassinet.

Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. Some of the products might not be available too, do email us at [email protected] if that's the case! Thanks!