9 Best Toaster Oven that are Compact and Multi-Featured

Are conventional ovens too big for your liking? Or do you just want an oven that uses less energy than conventional ovens? That's where the toaster oven comes in. It may be smaller in size, but it does not compromise on performance. These are some of the best toaster ovens in today's Malaysian market:

Khind Mini Bread Toaster Oven

RM 153.00


Best toaster oven for toast

If you’re looking to just make delicious toast, then this is the toaster oven for you. The Khind Mini Bread Toaster Oven has an 8L capacity despite its compact size. It also comes with a multi heater selector and a slide out toasting tray for convenient toasting. The crumb tray is very useful when comes to cleaning this toaster oven.

Sharp 6L Toaster Oven

RM 85.00


Best cheap and small sized toaster oven for RV

The Sharp 6L toaster oven is small enough to be portable and be placed in RVs. Despite its budget price, this toaster oven is also good for grilling, baking and toasting. It comes with a 15 minutes timer and an useful auto shut off function.


Mastar MAS-45PR 45L Toaster Oven

RM 368.00


Best convection toaster oven with rotisserie

This large 45L toaster oven is great if you want a multi-functional toaster oven. Its rotisserie and convection function allows users to cook various types of food. The hot air circulation feature of the Mastar MAS-45PR toaster oven helps prevent the oven from overheating as well.


Electrolux EOT4805K 21L Toaster Oven

RM 230.86


Best toaster oven for grilling and baking cakes and pizzas

The Electrolux EOT4805K 21L toaster oven comes with 1500W of power and 4 cooking functions, which includes baking, heating, cooking and grilling. Aside from cakes and pizzas, this toaster oven also bakes cookies, muffins, finger food, and many more. It even has an adjustable temperature control up to 250°C.


Trio TEO-282 Toaster Oven

RM 259.00


Best stainless steel toaster oven with timer

This 28L, stainless steel Trio TEO-282 toaster oven looks sleek in any kitchen. It comes with a 60-minute timer that alerts you when your food is ready. Its stainless steel heating element provides you with an efficient grilling and easy cleaning experience as well.


Elba EOT-D0989 Toaster Oven

RM 92.40


Best toaster oven for polymer clay, powder coating and Kydex

The Elba EOT-D0989 toaster oven is great for working with polymer clay and Kydex as well as powder coating as it comes with infrared heaters that prevents sudden temperature spikes. This toaster oven only uses 800W of power and it also lets you choose between various temperature settings.


Wirata OT-409 Toaster Oven

RM 99.90


Best toaster for the elderly

The 9L Wirata OT-409 Toaster Oven has a heat directive knob which is great for elders so they do not hurt themselves while using the product. Its stainless steel heating elements and aluminium baking tray provides effective cooking for users.


Khind OT2502 Toaster Oven

RM 179.00


Best energy efficient toaster oven for home use

This 25L Khind OT2502 toaster oven is great for home use as it is very energy efficient. It cooks a wide variety of food and comes with adjustable racks to move food closer or further away from the heating elements, ensuring that food is evenly cooked to your liking.


Kenwood MO280 Toaster Oven

RM 133.00


Best white toaster oven with auto shut off function

If you’re looking for a white colour toaster oven to fit your kitchen theme, then the 10L Kenwood MO280 toaster oven is the one for you. This toaster oven comes with a grill function, so you can have variety in cooking methods. It is also equipped with a non-stick cooking surface as well as an easy opening base for crumb for fuss-free cleaning.

Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. Some of the products might not be available too, do email us at [email protected] if that's the case! Thanks!