6 Best Motorcycle Helmets to ensure your Safety and Comfort

6 Best Motorcycle Helmets to ensure your Safety and Comfort

Helmet isn't just about safety, it is the style and compatibility for different usage.

Motorcycle helmets nowadays have upped their game from classic “for protection only” functions to contemporary ones which suit the modern biker’s lifestyle in terms of comfort, functionality, and last but not least, style. The wide array of helmets available for purchase online in Malaysia is astounding indeed, so we have broken down a few for you guys, be it for amateurs or veteran bikers, to ponder upon:

*Please note that all products listed here are SIRIM approved to ensure your utmost safety and to prevent yourselves from traffic summons. Better safe than sorry!


5. KHI K 12.1

RM 98.00


The K 12.1 from KHI might sound just like the SGV Cruiser Visorex, but it ain’t. This super lightweight helmet has a body made from carbon fiber, and weighs in at a mere 1.3kg. Compounded with super high impact thermoplastic resin and a clear visor, it protects you from bugs swatting against your face while zooming down the roads; not to mention the rather unpredictable rain these days. It also features a detachable dual density EPS inner padding material, which promises a comfortable inner environment on the road. The K 12.1 comes in one size, 60 x 30 x 30 (L x W x H).