Your Guide to getting the right Luggage for Travel

Choose the right luggage with style!

Travelling has become very common nowadays. Almost every family will have one luggage. It has been an essential and thus more demand for the market to come out with more choices of luggage.

ABS+PC Glossy Protector Luggage

RM 95.00


Best Luggage Bag

The ABS+PC Glossy Protector with Hanger Luggage is the best Luggage Bag with wheels that can turn in 360 degree, making it easy to move. Many people have been using the hard case luggage because of it’s better protection. The size of this luggage is suitable for short and mid term travel.


Navitass 360 rotation Lightweight Luggage Set

RM 318.00


Best Luggage for Travel

This set of luggage comes with three different size and they cost only RM 318. The price is worthy and you can choose which one to use based on the duration of your trips. They are also suitable for family. In addition, you do not have to worry about your luggage as they have anti-scratch feature. Finally, the mystery violet colour makes your luggages look modern and fashion.



RM 59.90


Best Luggage Affordable

Looking for an affordable luggage? It is definitely the  TRAVEL STAR Travel Bag. It is under RM 100 and has large capacity available to put everything in appropriate space and it is easy to be pulled or carried with hands.


Travel Star Classic Flag Luggage

RM 225.90


Best Luggage Air Travel

This set of luggage is suitable for air travel as it has protective surface and 360 degree wheels making it convenient to be moved around. The stretchable handle allows user to adjust them to a suitable height. The luggage itself is ultralight, plus, 1 set of free passport holder will be given together with the purchase of this luggage set.


CANVAS Outdoor Hiking Bag

RM 169.00


Best Luggage Carry On

A carry on luggage is always convenient to bring, however, some people are concern about the capacity. The CANVAS Outdoor Hiking Folding Bag is a hand carry bag with big capacity for storing and easy to carry with the handle.


Leather Luggage Duffle Bag

RM 64.00


Best Luggage Duffle Bag

What is the most important criteria for a luggage duffle bag? It will be the design. The Leather Luggage Duffle Bag is considered the best luggage duffle bag based on the fashionable design using leather. Besides, the lether makes the bag waterproof, thus protecting your things inside.


Jean Francois 30’ Hard Case Luggage

RM 289.00


Best Luggage Durable

Many people are worried about the delivering process of luggage as problems of broken luggages have been discovered for many times. Therefore, this Jean Francois luggage is a better choice for you due to the hard case protection. This feature will prevent the luggage from getting spoiled. You do not have to worry about your luggage if you choose to use the Jean Francois 30’ Spinner Wheels Hard Case Luggage.


Waterpolo 28′ Expandable Hard Case Trolley

RM 139.00


Best Luggage for Study Abroad

Studying abroad is basically staying away from home for at least a year or even more. In this case, students will need to bring many essentials from their home town. Therefore, a big luggage is needed. The Waterpolo 28 inch Expandable Hard Case Trolley is a wise decision for students to make due to the big capacity and additionally the expandable function in order to give more space for storing.


Slazenger SZ1099 Pilot Case Luggage



Best Luggage for Suits

For those who wear suits, let’s say they are on a business trip, the most matching luggage is this Slazenger SZ1099 Pilot Case Business Laptop Bag with Trolley. This bag has nicely fit pocket for laptop and document files which is convenient and neat to be kept for the business people. Moreover, there are plenty of space for clothing and a detachable strap is included for backpacking purposes if necessary.


Samsonite Backpacking Luggage

RM 774.00


Best Luggage for Backpacking

There are many reasons for this Samsonite Backpacking Luggage to be the best choice and worth the price. It has a pocket specially made for different size of laptop and the size can be varied. In addition, the VizAir bumper can help protect your laptop; the breathable straps give you a more comfortable backpack experience. More importantly, the security pocket gives your items better security.


Royal McQueen Hard Case Luggage

RM 259.00


Best Luggage Lightweight

Royal McQueen Hard Case 8 Wheels Spinner Luggage is popular for its extra light weight and the 8 wheels make its movement smoother and better.



RM 7385.64


Best Luggage Luxury

Talking about luxury luggage, the Globe-Trotter is the best choice for you to spend your money well. The well designed luggage, handmade quality will upgrade your experience on luggages.


Barry Smith 20″ Hard Case Luggage

RM 159.00


Best Luggage under 200

Barry Smith 20″ 4 Wheeler Expandable ABS Hard Case Luggage is the best luggage under 200 as it has all other features including hard protective case, light weight and 360 degree wheels.


Travo AL Series

RM 259.00


Best Luggage under 300

The best luggage under 300 is certainly the Travo AL Series. It does not only have all the other features good luggage should have, it also has a TSA lock for better security.


American Tourister Tokyo Chic Luggage

RM 408.10


Best Luggage under RM500

Looking for luggage under 500? Go for the American Tourister Tokyo Chic Spinner Luggage. It has great design, and it is a well functioned luggage with all direction wheels and hard case.


Barry Smith 20″ 4 Wheels Hard Case Luggage

RM 165.00


Best Luggage for Young Adults

Barry Smith 20″ Abs 4 Wheels Hard Case Luggage has hard body, spinner wheels and a combination lock for safety purpose. It is said to be the best luggage for young adults as it has all the functions and the price is affordable for young adults.


CaseValker Zipper-Less Luggage

RM 159.00


Best Zipperless Luggage

CaseValker Zipper-Less ALU-Frame Collection Luggage has replaced the zip with a lock system and a passcode system. The exterior case is also very flexible, thus it is uneasy to be broke. Another great thing about this luggage is the ultra silent 360 degree wheels, allowing you to pull or push the luggage smoothly and silently.


Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on.