Your Guide to choosing the right Pads for you

Looking for the right pads is crucial to stay comfortable, are you using the right one?

Girls, are you sure the pad you choose suits you the most? Do you suffer because of the uncomfortable feeling caused by your pad? Using the right pad is very important as those few days in every month can be painful, emotional and annoying. Choosing the right pad allows you to suffer less and move freely with comfort. Read this article and give yourself the best comfort by making the right decision.

Feminine Comfort Bio Sanitary Pad

RM 39.00


Best Pads for Tweens

Most of the tweens do not get use to the sanitary pad in the beginning. They feel awkward and uncomfortable. In order to make them feel better and help them to get use to the pad, this sanitary pad is designed to be thin with great absorption. It has wings to hold them in fix place thus it is more comfortable and reliable for the beginner

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Femina Tampons Compact Applicator Super 18 Tampons

RM 69.84


Best Pads for Sports

The best pad for sports will definitely be a tampon. It is the most suitable choice as it does not burden or restrict you from many movement plus it can be used for swimming as well. The Femina tampon is easy to apply and remove; it is expendable for better absorption and well designed to fit your body perfectly.

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RM 119.00


Best Pads for Incontinence

Incontinence can be a difficult thing. With the help of TENA, you can avoid these trouble. It dry faster, and it has anti leakage barrier to help with incontinence. It is very efficient and you can now get them with the value pack. Why wait?

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Madame Maternity Pads 20’s

RM 20.00


Best Pads for Post Pregnancy

The Madame Maternity Pads is the most suitable product for post pregnancy mommy. It is very comfortable to wear and has huge capacity for absorption which makes it the best choice for heavy flow and night use.

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Lalamoon 7 Layers and Negative Ion Sanitary Pads

RM 115.00


Best Pads for Beginners

This Korean brand sanitary pads is the best pad for beginners. It is normal for beginners to feel uncomfortable, awkward and maybe troublesome. Lalamoon pad is a great product as it is able to be use for a longer period, thus avoid trouble of keep changing it compare to the other pads; it is also very soft and can protect your skin. The pad is designed to allow air to penetrate it for comfort purpose. Therefore, the korean Lalamoon sanitary pad if the beginner’s best friend.

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Intimate Total Cottony Heavy Flow Wing Pads

RM 8.90


Best Pads for Heavy Flow

Intimate Total Cottony Heavy Flow Wing Pads has good absorption and the wings allow it to be fixed in the actual position thus prevent leakage.

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Lohan Pad Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkin

RM 188.00


Best Organic Pads

The Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkin is made in Korea. This Napkin uses organic materials and is reusable.

Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on.