6 Best Korean Lipsticks to channel that inner K-drama actress in you

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best lipsticks in malaysia

A little lipstick goes a long way. Have you ever wondered what is the craze with Korean lipsticks and why girls are obsessed with these moisturising yet pigmented sticks of wonder? Read on to get to know the best Korean lipsticks in town!


Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar



Best moisturizing lipstick

Laneige is considered a higher-end brand from Korea compared to the many affordable household brands, but of course, the price comes with an assurance in their quality. The Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar became a craze after the lead actress, Song Hye Kyo, from hit Korean drama, Descendants of The Sun, was seen wearing this in the series. This lipstick is special as it comes in two tone colours, offering a beautiful gradiented finish. Of course, this lipstick is moisturising, leaving your lips still hydrated after a long day of wear.


Club Clio – Virgin Kiss Tension Lipstick



Best lipstick to make your lips plumper

The Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lipstick is long lasting and highly pigmented, in just one swipe. Gliding the lipstick on, it leaves a beautiful semi-matte finish. This lipstick leaves your lips looking a little plumper and bouncy too, while not losing out on its hydrating nature.


3CE Creamy Lip Color 4.5g [#14 Lollipop]



Best lipstick for a bold look

3CE, which stands for 3 Concept Eyes, is a makeup line by famous Korean online store, STYLENANDA. As highlighted in its name, this lipstick by 3CE is extremely creamy and leaves a pigmented and vibrant finish. The Lollipop shade stays true to its name as a pop of this lipstick leaves you with a fun and sweet look, perfect for dates!


Etude House’s Dear My Blooming Chiffon



Best everyday lipstick

This lipstick from Etude House is known for it’s ‘chiffon’ texture, which combines the best of both worlds in the lipstick universe – a creamy consistency and matte-like finish. This means that this lipstick provides a light coverage, which is suitable for daily wear that is not too bold, yet is highly long-lasting. Besides, how can you say no to its affordable price?


[VDL X Pantone] Expert Color Lip Cube Tranquility 3.5g [#03 Purity]



Best kissable lipstick

VDL Cosmetics partnered with Pantone for a make up series. Pantone is the world’s leading authority on colour, based in New Jersey, United States famous for their proprietary colour space, called the Pantone Matching System (PMS). One of the items in this series is the Lip Cube Tranquility. This lipstick is unique in its colour and even shape. Instead of the usual bullet shape, this one comes in a slanted cube shape that makes application extremely easy. Purity is in the shade Pantone 170, which is a coral or peach tone. As this is supposed to be a tinted lip balm, it is definitely moisturising but not overly sticky.


Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick



Best lipstick and lipgloss combination

Innisfree is famous brand with a focus on nature. Befitting of its name, the Creammellow lipstick is creamy and moisturising. This lipstick leaves a glossy finish, perfect for those who are not bothered to use a lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss, as this gives the effects of all those in just one. The shades are on the lighter side, hence it is not too overwhelming for everyday wear. There is a total of 10 beautiful colours that you can choose from in the Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick series, and it ranges from shades that are natural looking to dramatic ones.


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