No one can deny that shopping for furniture in a physical store is pretty satisfying—you get to sit on tons of sofas, try out beds to your heart's content, and curl up in a bunch of different chairs to help you find exactly the right one for you. But in terms of selection, the internet definitely has the brick-and-mortar shopping experience beat. I mean, online, you have pretty much every store and style you can imagine at your disposal with just a few clicks. You may not be able to test out a couch yourself, but you can read reviews, and you can search for the precise item you want, narrowed down by your price range.

But with ALL the options out there, shopping for furniture online can be overwhelming. These online stores—from shops you may not have heard of, to brands you already know and love—make it easy for you, with tons of options in just about every style and at varying prices.


I'm convinced that there's nothing you can't find at Fabelio. If you want something in particular, Fabelio probably has it, and at a can't-beat price to top it off. There, you'll find hundreds and hundreds of options for pretty much every item imaginable, from bar stools to bed frames.


For a little bit of everything—and at every price range—Ruparupa has you covered. With a wide range of styles and a huge inventory, you're bound to find something you love. Beyond furniture, they also offer bedding, lighting, decor, and rugs.




Another affordable-to-high-end store, Ikea has a wide selection of super chic furniture, from unique accent tables (like this one!) to stunning velvet beds, along with tons of decor and accents, too. They also have a stylish children's section, so you can outfit your kids' rooms, too.



You know you can count on 2Madison for tons of stylish furniture on their website at rock-bottom prices. Especially with the launch of their new furniture line.

Arbot& Troy



If you love the home section at Arbor&Troy' physical stores, then you'll definitely find yourself lusting after all of the super cool furniture on the retailer's website.

Balka Living


Okay, no list of online furniture stores would be complete without Balka Living. You probably already know you can find furniture (and tons of it) on the site, but did you know that Balka Living has its own furniture lines, Rivet and Stone & Beam? Whether your style's more industrial, mid-century modern, or full-on Joanna Gaines-inspired, they've gotchu.