Why should you choose Exabyte WordPress hosting?

Exabytes WordPress hosting is speedy and has various features like an automated single-click installation, daily data backup. You can as well restore data with just one click. Furthermore, it has swift websites. Starting with ExaBytes WordPress hosting will indeed give you the experience you desire.

WordPress-hosted websites can increase loading and response speed by up to five times more than the familiar servers. The increased speed and response are attributed to the LiteSpeed cache and the guaranteed pure SSD disk.

Exabytes and WordPress hosting have improved website security features. The available security features include an automated Malware scan and a website fix, 1-click Hardening, a security scan, and a security patch.

Each Exabyte and WordPress account has extra Databases that will enable you to create a staging environment and test new changes safely, such as new themes and theme updates, as well as plugins before you publish them.

With Exabytes and WordPress, you should not be concerned about losing your data in case of a disaster or attack. Just a single click is enough to restore all your information in case of anything malicious. Exabytes have a 24-hour technical support team that is ready to offer assistance when needs arise.

One hundred days' risk-free guarantee programs protect their clients. In case you cancel, you are guaranteed to get a full refund over the next 100 days; what you only need to do is just letting us know, and Exabytes will send the refund without any questions.

What do Exabytes include in their WordPress Hosting plans?

An ultrafast LiteSpeed Server

LiteSpeed servers are meant to enhance websites' loading speed in conjunction with a single-stop web-acceleration solution that increases efficiency and improves cutting-edge technology.

A WordPress toolkit

A WordPress toolkit will enable you to efficiently manage and control the updates you prefer on a WordPress core plugin management and ensure that your website is always updated. You can also choose to create a restore point before carrying out updates, thus enabling you to roll back if the need arises.

A WordPress accelerator

Exabytes are equipped with an LSCWP cache plugin and LiteSpeed enterprise servers to ensure their clients' WordPress websites' four times faster speed.

A 24/7 WordPress support

Exabytes are always on the watch to offer technical support that their clients require in case of technical errors. Exabytes also safeguard against thwarts for any malicious activities.

SSD storage

As Exabytes all know, SSD is a solid-state hard drive with ten times faster loading speed when compared to a SATA. Fortunately, all their Web hosting is with SSD by default. Thus their clients can brag about the speed of lightning.

Exabyte can manage high-quality and excellent performance servers in their fantastic data center. Their Exabyte data center supports Tier III ISPs, allowing for global reach with almost 100 percent availability and superior QoS.

Exabytes Web hosting for your online business growth

You can host your websites us. Exabytes are Asia's most immense cloud hosting provider and experts in providing digital solutions. Exabytes have a large customer base and two decades of experience in the field. Exabytes have been proven beyond doubt, and Exabytes have the best technical support; thus, you are guaranteed of growing your online business if you work with Exabyte

Exabytes are also available to offer technical support. Their team is mandated to monitor and thwart any suspicious activities. In case you want to contact us, Exabytes are reachable via a knowledge base, helpdesk tickets, electronic mails, phone calls, or even a walk-in visit.

How do Exabytes enhance their data security?

  • Exabytes hold all their data in the firm's Exabyte tier 3 data center.
  • Their data centers are certified and have world-class facilities; thus, data security is guaranteed.
  • Exabytes also do their data back up daily. Thus the probability of losing data is very low.
  • Exabytes also have free SSL certificates.
  • Their team also works around the clock to watch out for any malicious activities, thus act as appropriate.

Their focus is to ensure that Exabytes give your business a firm ground to take off and support your business grow to a level you want. Exabytes are an excellent and fantastic team to work with, and Exabytes have pride in seeing their clients making steps in business. Exabytes are here to empower businesses.