5 Best Action Cameras that Captures your Journey right

Memories plays a role in life. Let these devices help you!

best action camera in malaysia

Action cameras are simple to operate, durable and unlike other cameras, they are designed to be attached on cars, motorbikes, helmets, and other objects. They might be small in size but that doesn’t mean they won’t get the job done. Let’s not forget their small size is only making things for convenient for us!

Sony HDR-AS200V

RM 999.00


Sony Action Camera Malaysia
In many ways, sony HDR-AS200V can become your ideal choice for an action camera. It has easy live streaming capability, above average audio,  image stabilization and let’s not forget about the amazing wind noise reduction function. This camera comes with Exmor R CMOS sensor, 170° viewing angle, BIONZ X processor and Original Sony Malaysia Warranty.  The User Interface might be rough around the edges because of it’s 1 square inch LCD screen but this doesn’t change the fact that it has an excellent video recording capability.


Xiaomi Yi

RM 309.00


Xiaomi Action Camera
In a quick glance you might ask yourself, “Is this a toy camera?”. Toyish looks aside, Xiaomi Yi can stand as a perfect alternative for GoPro Cameras. Considering the price and the quality of it’s videos, Xiaomi Yi can be considered as GoPro’s most dangerous rival at the moment. Unlike the usual action cameras; accessories such as waterproof housing and mounts need to be purchased separately but  even after taking the purchased accessories into consideration, a fully equipped Yi is still cheaper compared to other action cameras. It has built-in WiFi,
155° degree wide-angle lens, 3D noise reduction and digital image stabilization functions. If you are looking for a cheap and practical camera, you can never go wrong with Yi.



RM 237.50


SJ7000 Action Camera
SJ7000 is next on the list for a decent action camera for an affordable price. SJ7000 comes with tons of accessories and not only that, it’s also compatible with GoPro with it’s mounting system which is definitely a PLUS! It comes with Novatek 96655 Chipset, WiFi Remote Control and also a waterproof case. Let’s not forget to mention that you can also use this camera while charging! SJ7000 is a worthy camera to consider if you are looking for a cheap action camera with reliable video quality.


GoPro Hero4 – Black Edition

RM 1,899.00


Action Camera For Motorcycle
How can we make a list of “Best Action Cameras” without even including GoPros? GoPro Hero4 delivers the goods without a doubt. It’s an expensive action camera for sure but it’s packed with high performance, amazing core abilities and reliable video quality. It is two times faster than it’s predecessor Hero3 Black Edition. It has SuperView, Selectable FOV, Built-In Microphone and even Auto Low Light functions. If you want a camera with the best video quality, the Hero4 Black is hands down the best choice.


Olympus Stylus Tough TG-Tracker

RM 1,540.00


4K Action Camera
Olympus Tough TG-Tracker maybe a newcomer to the action camera’s market but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. It has ultra wide-angle stabilized lens, five built-in sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity. It can even capture 4K content and survive water up to 100 ft without a housing! It’s Waterproof to 100ft, Shockproof to 7ft, Crushproof to 100 kg and Freezeproof to -10°C. In short, it's one tough action camera for sure!

Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on.