6 Best Budget & Cheap Laptops for those Who Needs One

6 Best Budget & Cheap Laptops for those Who Needs One

These laptops are cheap, affordable and pretty awesome specs for budget

Nowadays, with newer laptop models coming out almost consecutively within several months, it's hard to decide on which one to purchase. With powerful machines like MSI, Alienware, and new Macbooks costing almost RM 10,000, it only makes it more difficult to decide on a laptop that is reasonably priced yet sufficient to carry out your tech activity needs, be it gaming, multimedia, or video editing. Taking into consideration of the latest Windows operating system which emphasizes function and simplicity, here's a list of the best budget and cheap laptops in Malaysia that run on Windows 10 and can perform accordingly…

5. Acer Aspire E14

Component Description
Processor Intel i5-7200U
Storage 1 TB HDD
Screen 14” LCD, 1366×768 resolution
Graphic Card Nvidia GeForce 940 MX
Battery Consumption Up to 8 hours
Operating System Windows 10 Home edition
Additional Details Expandable RAM up to 32 GB

RM 2089.00


Best cheap laptop for video editing, multimedia, gaming (inc. Minecraft, Dota 2), music production

At first glance, the Acer Aspire E14 bedazzles with a bright, bright 14” screen, and with great graphic detail; as it is powered by the Nvidia GeForce 940 MX GPU. Coupled with a 7th generation Intel i5 processor, and you get a device capable of various tasks, be it gaming, multimedia, or day-to-day tasks. One of the budget laptops which boasts an incredibly long battery life, it is great for people that are constantly on the move. It has expandable RAM slots up to 32 GB, which means that by forking out extra cash, you can get a budget laptop that can handle more intense programs and games should you wish to not invest in a heavy-duty, more expensive laptop.