The Best LED TV you can find in Malaysia

Having the right TV is important, did you picked the right one?

best LED TV

As everything advances in this era of modernisation, our main source of entertainment which is the television is not left out of the revolutionary process. In fact, they are one of the technologies that are standing on the frontline of modern technologies. So here’s a list we have gathered for you to dive deep into the world on LED TVs to find the right pick which will satisfy your needs.

Sharp LC-32LE275X Aquos

RM 783.00


Best LED TV Full HD 32 inch

Sharp LC-32LE275X Aquos is definitely on the top pick list for a 32’’ LED TV. Not only that it has the usual “must have” features such as USB ports and the ability to connect with your smartphone; it also has AquoMotion Lite which reduces the motion blur and improves transitions of fast motions. Let’s not forget to mention that this TV has the capability of displaying up to 10 different types of languages on screen. Needless to say English subtitles is their default choice. If we were to talk about it’s design; since it’s not on the expensive category the design is kept simple but that doesn’t interfere with its ability to entertain you in any aspect. If you are going to look for a affordable 32’’ LED TV,  Sharp LC-32LE275X Aquos is highly recommended by us. It’s definitely a TV worth for it’s money.


Mi TV 3S

RM 2,110.00


Best LED TV Above 40 Inch

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the brand “Xiaomi”? Cheap! Xiaomi is notorious for their unbelievably cheap yet high quality products. It’s a 48’’ Full HD Smart LED TV which is extremely slim with only 9.9 mm at it’s thinnest point. Mi TV 3S has an aluminium frame and metal backplate which gives a simple yet elegant look to it’s design. You also have the freedom to either hang it on the wall or place it on your furniture. To make things even convenient, it also has the ability to connect with both WiFi and smartphones. With this you can freely watch videos from your phone and the internet. In short, you can never go wrong with Xiaomi’s products. It’s practical, high quality and above all, CHEAP!



RM 2,737.90


Best LED TV For Gaming

Gamer? Looking for a Gaming TV? Look no further cause VIZIO is here! VIZIO is one of the best gaming TV a gamer can get undeniably. It’s worth to mention that what you are going to get is a high quality, best-selling Smart LED TV from a company that was ranked first for Smart TVs. VIZIO has full 1080p HD support which is a must have for any hardcore gamers. You can play heavy games such as Darksouls 3 and Fallout 4 in high specs without a worry. Not only that it can support game consoles such as Xbox 360 and PS4; you can also make it into your personal 32’’ computer monitor with the help of HDMI cables. How cool is that? VIZIO is an all-in-one LED TV any gamer could ask for.



RM 8,399.00


Best LED TV For Sports

Don’t let it’s staggering price spook you off. The price is the only way to prove you how marvelous LG OLED B6 is. With a FHD screen a large as 55’’ it provides you with an amazing picture quality and excellent motion handling features which is totally great for sports. Let’s not forget to include their perfect deep blacks which provides an infinite contrast ratio which adds on to your experience when you watch your shows. LG OLED B6 also comes with 2 years local manufacturer warranty and a LG SH7 Soundbar which is worth RM 1799. Grab this offer while it lasts and start enjoying your sports to the max!


Samsung KS8000

RM 13,482.90


Best LED TV For Home

Samsung KS8000 is an all rounder which can be used for games, movies, dramas and sports too. In short it’s a great choice to satisfy your whole family. It can handle reflections really well and has low input lag which improves your experience drastically.  Samsung KS8000 can also be an amazing choice for home theatre since it has outstanding image and sound quality. This is a TV that can be a fit for anyone no matter their preferences which is the right choice for a home TV.


Sharp Aquos LED TV

RM 573.00


Best LED TV For The Money

On a tight budget but wishing to own a LED TV? Fret not since we got your back! Introducing Sharp Aquos LED TV; a deal that’s too good to be true. A 32’’ LED TV that has the lowest price in the market. To make this more exciting, despite being cheap it’s one of the best selling TVs in Lazada. “Why?” you might wonder and the answer for that is, Sharp Aquos gives you way more value for it’s money. It comes with precise sensitivity tuner, HDMI terminal, USB port and also a Super Eco Mode to save electricity. This is a fine choice if you are looking for a budget LED TV since it doesn’t compromise neither the display quality or any of its essential features.

Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on.