7 Best USB Flash/Pen Drives that Rock your World

Choose the right pen drive for you! Which factors matter the most?

USB Flash Drives or more commonly known as pendrives are one of the essential things that everyone must have at this 21st era. Let it be a working man or a studying student, everyone needs it. They come in various shapes, capacity and sizes; so here’s a list of the best pendrives you can get in Malaysia!

SanDisk iXpand

RM 159.00 – 16 GB//RM 219.00 – 32 GB//RM 319.00 – 64 GB//RM 529.00 – 128 GB


Best Pendrive for iPhone

The all new SanDisk iXpand is all about freeing up the space in your iPhones and iPads. They also come with the ability to auto backup your contacts and you can automatically save videos into your pendrive if it’s captured via iXpand Drive apps. In addition to that, iXpand’s connector is designed to be flexible enough to fit  through most iPhone cases so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of removing the casing whenever you use it. If what you are looking for is a pendrive solely for iPhone or iPad, SanDisk’s iXpand is without a doubt the best choice!


SanDisk Cruzer Ultra Fit

RM 25.00 – 16 GB//RM 35.00 – 32 GB//RM 59.00 – 64 GB//RM 115.00 – 128 GB


Best Pendrive for Car Audio

Price wise it’s really cheap and affordable but when you take it’s design into account it’s the ultimate pendrive to be used in cars. “Why?” you may ask, and that’s because it’s design which simply does not stand out like a sore thumb. Cruzer Fit is purposely designed to be unnoticeable. You can simply plug it into the port and let it blend in with our car itself. As for the capacity you can pick from as low as 16 GB up to a maximum of 128 GB which is exactly why SanDisk’s Cruzer Ultra Fit is one of the best choice for car audio.


Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive

RM 89.90 – 16 GB//RM 56.00 – 32 GB//RM 176.16 – 64 GB//RM 221.90 – 128 GB


Best Pendrive for Data Transferring and Restoring

As mentioned in the name, it’s a 3.0 USB pendrive. Having a 3.0 USB means it’s capable of transferring and restoring data really quickly. With one of them along you, you don’t have to fear about the long hours of waiting needed when large files are being transferred. As for the design, it has a smooth and futuristic feel to it. That’s a given since it’s made by Samsung, a leading company that brings innovations. Samsung’s USB 3.0 Flash Drive a pendrive that allows you to get your job done quickly and with gracefully.


Mimoco MIMOBOT – The Joker

RM 129.99


Best Pendrive Design

If what you’re looking for in a pendrive is more towards looks compared to it’s practicality; Mimoco’s MIMOBOT series’ pendrive will be the best choice for you! These pendrives are designed after famous characters from history, pop culture and movies. They are pricier and slower compared to other available competitors out there but in terms of design MIMOBOT takes the cake. People around will be sure to take at least a glance at your pendrive if it’s MIMOBOT. Definitely!


SanDisk Extreme Pro

RM 313.00


Best Pendrive for LED TV

A pendrive for LED TV must have 2 main things; large storage and quick reading speed. Once again SanDisk made the impossible possible with it’s Extreme Pro pendrive. It writes up to 60 times faster compared to casual use pendrives with max reading speed up to 260 MB/s and max writing speed up to 240 MB/s. Designed with durable aluminum metal casing giving it a stylish look to it. Let’s not forget about the lifetime warranty which ensures that this pendrive is worth your money. It’s fast, durable, stylish and has a lifetime warranty. What more can you ask?


Kingston DataTraveler R3.0 G2

RM 69.90 – 16 GB//RM 79.90 – 32 GB//RM 109.00 – 64 GB


Best Pendrive for Mac

Searching for a worthy pendrive for you Mac? Why not have take a look at Kingston DataTraveler R3.0 G2? It’s 8 times faster compared to 2.0 USB pendrives and has a very durable design. It’s both shock and water resistant with next gen design for enhanced portability. It also comes with a sweet 5 years warranty so you can relax and let kindston have your back. DataTraveler R3.0 G2 is durable, fast and affordable which are the fundamental things that you will need in a pendrive.


Kingston Micro Duo USB 3.0

RM 39.55 – 16 GB//RM 59.55 – 32 GB//RM 99.55 – 64 GB


Best Pendrive in 2016

Last but not least, we have Kingston Micro Duo USB 3.0 here who is an “all-rounder”. Small, fast, durable and above all it’s comes with 2 in 1 USB connectors that can easily transfer files between both smartphones and computers. It’s available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB for reasonable prices. You have total freedom to pick which ever capacity you’ll need. Things get even more reassuring when it has a 5 years Local Supplier Warranty. If you are searching pendrive for a casual use, your best option will be Kingston Micro Duo USB 3.0 for sure!


Disclaimer: The pricing is just a good indication of how much these products are. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on.